As It Turned Out

When the pages you turned,
the poems you marked and learned
from a leather bound,
dog eared book
never eased the burn,
the desire, or the wanting.
The dogmas,  the doctrines
filled you like an addiction,
yet never fulfilled you at all.

And the century turned
with a tick and a tock,
the interminable clock.
You tried your best
but could not stop,
like waves crashing on a beach
filled with a million stars
you never could reach,
though you tried for years.

And the tables turned
as deals and dollars
were exchanged in sweaty hands,
in darkened rooms
with half drunk drinks
left in glasses.
The few determined the fate
of the masses.

And the seasons turned
as you walked the streets
both up and down
looking at the new
strangled by the old
in this simple town,
just like every other town
you have known.
The ghosts line up…
The bird has flown.

Photographer: Unknown 

Spoken Word:


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